What are you doing next summer?

Participate in a full-time, quarter-long (8+ week) public service experience designed to integrate your academic learning with field-based experience. Pursue a prearranged placement or design your own!

You will engage in pre-field preparatory programs, cohort activities, faculty advising sessions, and reflection activities designed to prepare you for your role and help you get the most out of your service experience. You will receive a stipend to help offset your travel and living costs.

Explore nearly 500 opportunities to serve through more than 30 campus partners (some examples are below).

All Cardinal Quarter participants are eligible to apply for a Cardinal Service Transcript Notation.

Questions? Contact Jon McConnellValerie Chow, or Hilary Douglas at the Haas Center for Public Service.

Stacey Wong ’15 (Public Policy); Ubongo Kids, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Stacey participated in the African Service Fellowship, a joint program with the Center for African Studies supporting students’ work on social and economic issues in Africa. The fellowship is made possible by the David Abernethy NGO Internship Fund, the African Service Fellowship Fund, and the Tom Lockard and Alix Marduel International Public Service Fellowship for Undergraduates Fund. Stacey is working with Ubongo Kids, an organization that produces math and science edutainment material to improve access to education, and is working on developing the organization's distribution and corporate strategy. 

​Outside Ubongo's new office with the entire team! Our animators, producers, education specialists, and administrators are all pictured here.

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